Earpain in a flight & courtesy

Many a time I traveled in Flight,Inspite of the excitements of a flight travels,I have 2 irritants in a flight travel common to everyone.One is that if it is a morning flight,we need to make a horrible early morning wake up at a 4 o clock,catch a cab and for a 1 hr flight travel we need to travel a one and half our journey since most of the flights are our of the city.Next is the ear pain while the flight is taking off and landing.The same excruciating pain happens while traveling to a hill stations.Usually I know to manage this earpain by yawning,closing my ears earpain slightly subsides but not much.

But in this one flight trip which I went last time,I had a bad ear pain while landing.May be my face reaction showed it,one airhostess like she is from heaven came to my help.She offered me hotwater to drink and by gulping few of the hotwater,the ear pain is completely gone.People say lot of stories of the reason for earpain in a flight but no one offered a solution and I dint took serious to find a solution since its only for few minutes.But this help from the nice airhostess will help me now and future to escape from the bad earpain.Also may be with this story may help other travelers also.

Lesson is help for our years of problem will come from unknown quarters and it may  be very simple.