Boomerang-A Short Scifi Story by Venkateshan

Title: Boomerang-A War with Indian Robots

2100 A.D

National security meeting, New Delhi

“Sir, we have to use them”

Scientist Akash told the security advisor.

“No way, we will use low effect nuke bombs to get rid of them instead of your metallic men”, Army General Savarkar opposed.

Akash said, “I am more exited on this opportunity. This is the right time to test my newly created defence robots. We will put them into the field. I am sure they will destroy the infiltrators absolutely. “

“No way, I cannot use them without testing and inducting into the army. We will call the Airforce like last time to get rid of these infiltrators”. Army general raised his voice.

Infiltrators have captured the Kargil area. They have taken hold of all the key areas. Army soldiers cannot recapture it. As they move up towards the hill, the infiltrators pound and kill them with bombs and bullets. They cannot be rooted out by soldiers since they are placed in a favourable position on the top of the hill. Induction of Air force has failed since the terrorist have possessed with air striking weapons and they have already shot out one fighter jet.

“Sir, Nuke bombs will create opposition and sanctions from world countries. It’s the most ridiculous idea I can ever hear. It’s better to use my defence robots. You give the weapons to them and give a command they will execute it. There is no need of training. They are artificially intelligent and self learning robots. They are linked to the internet through GPRS facility. They search the database in an instant of second, find the answers and self learn on how to use. They are having x-ray eyes, they can see through opaque objects. They can run fast. They are metallic, so bullets will not harm them. They know how to evade bombs. They are going to be highly advanced defence robots in the world.”

Army general’s eye reddened. He knows that his case will not sell. Akash scored well with his points. Nothing can stop the Government in going ahead with inducting robots for army operation of Kargil II war.

Security advisor “Ok, we will induct the robots and if it fails, then we will decide upon using sub nuke bombs. We will send this for approval”

Next day

Scientist prepared the defence robots for the war with infiltrators. They are provided with weapons. The robot infantry is named as Kaurava sena. The captain of the infantry is named as Duryodhana.100 robots are air flown to the Kargil area and air dropped to the site by parachutes.

Captain Duryodhana sent a small insect shaped robot to the hill area to collect the details of the number of infiltrators, arms and ammunition with them. The insect robot searched the whole hill area and collected all details of the arms and ammunition. Captain Robot searched the database and found the type of ammunition possessed by infiltrators. Then it decided upon the strategies and anti weapon tactics to be executed in the war on the infiltrators. It commanded to the other robots about the execution of recapturing the kargil hill.

Finally when the right time came, the captain robot commanded “Attack and destroy the infiltrators”

The robots pounded above the hills. The infiltrators are amazed to see metallic robots in Indian army suits. Their bullets cannot kill the robots. There bombs and rocket launchers are useless as they evaded by using anti bomb guns which hits the bombs and explodes the bombs on the air itself. There was no mercy. Within half an hour all the infiltrators are flushed out of the area. Kargil was clear with zero loss from Indian side. Captain Robot explained in his metallic voice “Mission completed. Infiltrators are killed. Victory”

“Victory Ha ha ha…” other robots exclaimed mischievously in their metallic voice.

Asst scientist came running towards Akash

“Success Sir, our mission is an overall victory. Our robots have recaptured the hill area. Satellite images show no human infiltrators. It shows only our defence robots”

“Great! Excellent! Now I can show that stupid army general how great I am. But why did not our robots radioed back to us.”

After a while another junior scientist rushed into the room.

“Sir, Bad news. The robots have boomeranged against us. The army Jawans went to the Kargil area to retake the captured area from the robots and take position of the Kargil area. The robots fired at Jawans and killed all the Jawans. Army general was angry and he has immediately sent a troop to kargil area and the robots killed the whole troop in a matter of minutes.”

Akash switched on the news channel.

ANGEL ROBOTS TURNED INTO SATAN ROBOTS. SAVIOUR TURNED INTO SCAVENGER. They were confirming the detail told by the junior scientist.

Akash turned to the senior scientist who programmed the robots before sending them for the war, “What the hell did you do to them, why they are erratic. What kind of command you have given to them, show me your bull shit program right now”


Akash went through the program on the computer of the senior scientist. He searched the command line of the whole program. It read “Destroy infiltrators. Hold the area. Don’t allow any body. Victory”

Akash “Shit what a mess you have done, total goof up”

Senior scientist trembled. Akash mobile rang. There was a call from security advisor. He was called up immediately to the national security meeting. The room was pin drop silent .All eyes were on Akash. What kind of explanation he is going to give for this fiasco.

Akash spoke “Sir, first I regret for this debacle. It’s all due to the wrong programming of the robot and we will take appropriate action. The command given to them is

Destroy infiltrators,

Hold the captured area,

Don’t allow anybody,

Victory for you.

As per the destroy infiltrator command, it has destroyed the entire infiltrators. Next command is hold the capture area, it meant that they will hold the area and no information is provided whether it has to handover the areas as soon as the army Jawans go there. There is a lack of data in this line. Don’t allow any body command is given purposely for the sake of not allowing any more infiltrators till the Indian army comes into the area. There is a mistake in this line. It should have been don’t allow infiltrators.

Army general shouted “Because of your mistake, we have got into the worst situation and I have no hopes of getting out of the situation. We have spent a lot on these robots and we have wasted lot of budget money on them. In addition, we lost our area too. We are in the brim of a big loss”

Junior scientist entered the room “Sir one more bad news. The robots have radioed that they have formed a government in the captured area. They named it Kauravpur. I feel they are preparing to invade us”

Army general exclaimed “Wow! Stupid things you have created. It boomeranged on us”

Akash told “The last word victory for you meant victory belongs to them. After victory, the place will belong to the captured army and a government should be formed. They have formed the government. To expand their government, they have to invade and capture new area hmm… not a bad reasoning.”

Army general “Are you elated on the achievement of your creation. If you are not going to give a solution to get out of this debacle in five minutes, I will get you arrested. I will make sure you get a life sentence”

Akash told “I have a solution”

Army general told “What”

Akash told “The captain robot is the epicentre of the whole pandemonium. We have to destroy him. It has its electronic brain near its temples. If we shoot it out, it will destroy all the robots from functioning.”

Army general “Good heavens! We are not even able to near them and how we can go above the hill, search the captain robot and kill it. Are you speaking with some sense, I am not ready to risk any of my resources”

Akash told “Why not, we can send one of our best snipers to do that job. The captain robot is in command and so it is easy to identify it”

Sniper is a part of army warfare tactics. A sniper hides and shoots the enemy at high precision of accuracy without any gun sound.

Army General “This is the last time I take your idea” Army general called up his boys to send their best sniper to carry out the operation immediately.

They all waited in the same room for 2 hours. Then the message came from the army HQ that the mission was successful and all the robots are destroyed. The room was filled with sounds of hurrah and joy.

General came to Akash and with mischievous smile on his face, he asked “Akash, What do you think -defence robot is better or army jawan is better”

Akash with a irritated face told the general “Piss off from my sight”