Rich Dad Poor Dad-Most important book to become financially intelligent

Somehow inspite of many rumours about some bad remarks about rich dad and poor dad book by Rober kiyoski.
I admire a lot and recommend his book to all readers.

This importance of financial intelligence needed for everybody.I have seen personally many people fail in life,loose their family in getting caught in the debt trap inspite of being smart at work due to lack of financial intelligence.This book was an eye opener for me and will be for sure a needed text book for each and every individual in this planet.

We are part of a system wherein from child till we graduate we depend on our parents and go to job ,live a life and retire.This is an old system and this system for centuries together live in this fashion and we all follow like a herd of lambs

This book opens our mind the other dimension.This gives how a rich person thinks and motivates to come out of the old system which is simply traps us into debt and fail in life.It enlightens and builds up the confidence of how to get out of bad debt and become a financially intelligent person.It does not suggest us any methods or how Robert Kiyoski built his wealth.But motivates us to somehow build a passive income and gain wealth and financial freedom.

It is completely theoretical but if you imbibe the theory inside you and follow a discipline in ur financial management,I am sure you will surely get out of any mess and live a wealthier life.

The tips like
Mind your business,
Dont spend on doodads,
If you are in deep shit stop spending and much more
are need to be memorised and applied in our daily life will surely give results.

I would say Rich Dad and Poor Dad is a real eye opener