Grey Market

I am amused to see every city in India has one famous grey market where we get goods at much cheaper than the original cost as it is not going through the right channel before reaching the grey market.

When I walk through these market,mostly pirated CD are prevalent everywhere.Then whatever latest gadgets from the best brands in the world,we can find it in the market by almost 10-30% less than the original market price with some tough bargaining.Only disadvantage is it is without bill,without warranty and if the product goes faulty,then you cannot approach the company service center but to get it repaired from a local nameless service center.Small items somehow they get into the market but I am amazed how they are able to give big gadgets like LCD,Plasma TVs to the market.

Again and again I hear people say that in these markets you can get from a small pin to a big Aeroplane but I must say that there is some truth in their words.

On the other side even when we buy from brand outlets,warranty is valid for one year after which if the product become faulty again we have no option of paying a hefty amount to get it serviced from a service center instead usually we get it serviced from a service center for a lesser cost.So these practical points pushes some of the population to buy from the local market.

Even I have some experience with People from the branded companies saying that Grey markets are loss to the subsidy of the brand in that country but these markets contribute major chunk to the parent company as somehow it is bought somewhere in the world from the parent company.So Grey markets are beneficial to the parent company.When Guests come from the parent company,Grey market visit would compulsorily part of their travel itenary.

Some of the grey markets I have seen are burma bazaar in chennai,pallika bazaar in delhi.Hope sometimes you will get amused with a visit to Grey market near to your place.


Two Methods to make money online


There are many ways to make money online.

Frankly speaking I have not made a dime as I have only gathered enormous theoretical information about making money online.

We can kind of classify the money making methods online into two

1)By selling products

2)By selling advertisement space as part of our content.

For selling products,we can use some online selling platform like ebay,amazon or classified websites like local selling.
After trying out to sell through these websites what I learned is that we can make money only if we select products with low buying cost & less postage cost.Since these website charge you for listing & Selling and adding to the postage cost,our final margin is very less.Either we need to sell products in volume or else sell products with high margin like electronic goods.What I suggest if you sell digital products like ebook,images..etc,they are downloadable online and there is no delivery charges associated with it.Hence you can make a lot of money out of it & avoid postage cost & have a care free selling.

The second part is interesting where if you are passionate about something & if you are easily overflow with words,then you can create a blog.As time goes on,People will get interested in your writing and if you get many eye balls watch your websites.You can place advertisement through google adsense program which will generate revenue for you.
Many people are successful in creating world famous websites and make good amount of money which made them to quit their jobs and make blogging as a full time career.

Now I see make good money by teaching in the online teaching websites like udemy where if you make a training video and upload it,it is automatically bought by students which generates revenue to you.

Why and How I Joined Toastmasters

The reason & the events that led to me joining toastmasters is quite interesting.

From early days,I have a great interest towards public speaking & Soft skills as during my school and college days,I had this fear towards public speaking.So I did read lot of softskill & public speaking related books.As time went on,both become almost my field of interest.

Then when I started to make youtube videos,I watched those videos.Somewhat whatever I spoke in those videos felt.
I was not happy with the way I delivered the video.I watched the videos made by others basically public speaker,their videos were impressive with the way they delivered,the rate of speech and they were great but my mine was bit not impressive for an audience.

So I thought that I should go to a public speaking course to make a better videos.Already I went for a public speaking course long back and had no much improvement.Then I heard about toastmasters and made a thorough research about toastmasters.

Toastmasters is a club in which members meet every week to give speeches in a self paced manner in a conducive and supportive environment which helps in improving their public speaking skills.First I went to a club where it was too crowded and I got lost in the crowd.I was not impressed and left the meeting in the middle.

Then I went to another club where the members greeted me well and they also gave a impromptu topic to speak.It has really impressed.Still I did not join because it was on a sunday.Already I have a 6 day job,then working on a sunday it will become a 7 day job life spoiling my work-life balance.

But in life you get signs and you need to identify the signs.In a 6 month period,I crossed paths about toastmasters
1)A Member from Mcdermott club said great about toastmasters
2)Met one of the member of the club which I visited in one of my client place.
3)I Greatly admire Rich dad Poor dad book and in his book,he has mentioned about toastmasters & it helps to improve your skill to speak in Public.

Finally I made that decision to dive into toastmasters into blind faith.I must say that it was a great decision and it was like a turning point in our life.It has given a rebirth to me.It has helped me to speak in public and also improve my leadership.More to explore in toastmasters & endless opportunities for a toastmaster.I got recognized in toastmasters at many levels and finally helped to make youtube videos in a better way.

A life with Internet

During the 90s,when internet was introduced to our world,that is in chennai, I have really become crazy about this internet idea.May be if I have continued follow my passion to internet deeply,I would have made a mark in the field of Internet.

But now I want to tell how I grow with internet.
Those days when Internet was introduced,most our friends went for chatting and to watch morphed porn photos.But I was different and I was impressed with this idea of so much of information available so easily like world is in your desktop.

During the initial days,the net connectivity was damn slow and we usually browse sify,yahoo then google for information.

One particular website was so impressive called as Öne million pixel page ,where the creator was a college student who cam with this mindblowing idea to sell each pixel in his one million pixel website.It started small but finally it went to a stage that final number of pixels were taken by big companies on auction.

One website we browse which must have achieved one of the top websites in the world like wikipedia is “how stuff works”.com but I am not sure why this website has not achieved such a big status.This had simple explanation with animation and pictures of the complex science and technology subject explained in simplet terms.This one website I referred for many years to get my basics right.

Then movie related websites like IMDB which is my favourite of all websites to read latest movie reviews.

Now most of the time I spend in 3 websites,one is Youtube,then facebook,then wikipedia.My world and most of the people in this world start and ends with these 3 websites I hope.

Congrats Leichester Team!!!!

I know football but don’t follow like the crazy fans in the world…when ppl say man united,chelsea…i hear it crazy n not understand a word…but when I opened newspaper today it is full of news about how an underdog footbal club team Leichester city(Fox) won the league in a winning chance of 5000:1.Its impressed n a wonderful story of how player,manager,owner made won the cup against all odds. The stories about how a Malaysian billionare bought the not well doing club. How he given the job to an able coach and how the coach made it to a winning team is awesome and inspirational.Congrats Leichester City team for the win….from a non-fan

Benefits of Blogging!!!!



In the year 2004, an IIT engineer working in USA became restless with his job & routine life. He came back to India and started a blog in which he wrote articles about tech gadgets, computer software, tips & tutorials. Now his blog is getting around 45 lakh visitors per month and unofficially he is making a profit of 10 lakh per month from his blog. His name is Anil Agarwal and his blog is

Good morning fellow toastmasters today my speech is to inform you on the benefits of blogging.

First of all let us understand about blogging. A blog is a short form for web log. Usually we have a personal diary or a journal in which we write casually about our life events, interests & hobbies. Similarly a blog is a website in which we log our interests in the form of articles. The advantage of blog is we write and it gets instantly published. There is no need of learning html codes which is involved in creating a website. Anyone having an idea to use emails can easily create a blog using blogging websites like blogger, word press, and live journal.

A blog is usually written on niche or specific topics of interest like tech gadgets, cooking, travel, politics, fashion, movies.

Blogging can be considered to be a great place to show off our skill and also an outlet to pour out our inner thoughts. We are good in some sort of skill that can be written as articles in our blog which inturn helps the readers. For example a fashion designer can post tips on latest fashion trends & dressing tips. That information would be very useful to readers.

A Blog creates community, Readers actively provide feedback to the posted articles and the conversation among the community created by your blog builds on its own. For example a South Indian food blog is created by a 45 year old lady kamala called as In her blog,she has shared many of her known South Indian food recipes with photographs. Her recipes are very useful to the community. Readers try at their home and give feedback. The community thus thrives like our Toastmasters community.

Blog is casual, democratic and independent. To get our writing published in any print media like newspapers and magazines, it is very difficult. But a blog is easy to create and we have the freedom to write in a way as we wish in our own language. The writing from us is easily published for the world to see and unlike the usual print media where there is an editor to scrutinize, accept or reject, edit or restrict our article details.Personal story


Blogs can be monetised and make us money. If the blog gets good following and readership, ads are placed near your articles. As more people see the ads, more money is paid to the blogger. Google adsense and Chithika are the few ad programs which help bloggers in making money. But it takes a year at least for a blogger to see a good amount of money through their blogs.

 Blog is flexible and it’s not monotonous. Some people are good in words and in writing articles so they can use blogger & word press services. But many other people are good with their creative side of expressing themselves like photographs, graphic design and videos. So Photo blogs like tumblr can be used to blog photos. Youtube and vimeo are some websites to blog through videos.


Blog need not be from a single author and they can have multiple authors and thus enhance the team spirit. They are called collaborative blogs. Political blog Huffington post is a multiple author blog and it is now ranked best among the blogs and has highest traffic of readers. Engadget, Gizmodo, and techcrunch are some gadget related blogs with multiple authors.

I would like to conclude by saying that we can enjoy the benefits of blogging only by blogging. We all can blog as most of us spend our time in social networks with comments about our interests. I comment about movies. Likewise, taking our comments as an idea & spending some more time in expanding those comments into 300-400 word articles, we can easily blog and enjoy its benefits.