A Speech can change a world-Is it for Good or Bad cause


Friends,We all accept the very fact that a Speech can change the world.Indeed ,”I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther king,emancipation speech by Lincoln & some great speeches come to our mind when we think a speech can change a world.

But now I am going to introduce a influential speaker,an emotional speaker and high spirited speaker of his time who did change the world.He is none other than German dictator Adolf Hitler.His speeches are so powerful and emotional that some people say that when Hitler style of speech would make us to think that a Ghost has gone inside him.Such furious speeches pulled up the spirits of the German people and made them to follow him.

He is a great speaker but still his evil speeches are responsible for the biggest genocide in human history.His speeches are responsible for the destruction of the harmony in the world because he is responsible for World War II.

And there is another man in the world lived at the same who shares the toothbrush moustache like Hitler and that man was Great tramp Charlie chaplin. This man without the power of speech made the world happy with his Silent comedy movies.He did made only one talking movie “The Great Dictator” and it is a satire condemning Hitler.In that movie,Charlie Chaplin gives a long speech condemning the acts of Hitler and proposes goodness among people.This speech had a great impact on the people of the world for a good cause.

So friends,whether you are a speaker or audience,what I am asking is that a speech is like atomic energy,it can be used for a good cause like electricity or a bad cause like a bomb.So give speeches only for the good cause of audience and not have a single bit of evilness in your speech.Also the audience also should grab and take home the goodness from the speech but leave all the evilness from the speech.So we use the speech as a weapon of Good cause only.

Finally a speech can be a bad speech but it must not be a evil speech.