A Locked mindset like little elephant and fish


Friends,We all need to believe in the fact that we all can do anything and achieve anything.Victory and achievement does not belong to a few and indeed it belongs to all.If only few are gifted and skilled,then how come everyone of us can learn to drive a bicycle,bike or car.There is a need of sheer hard work,motivation,focus and passion to become victorious in a taken job.

The most important thing that stops achievers is a four letter word “FEAR”-the fear of failure,fear of embarrassment,fear of losing and much more.Its true that sometime a stupid is successful since he does not care about fear and goes about doing what he wants to do.But on the flip side,sometimes people with high potential do not try or stop after the first try due to the fear of embarrassment & Failure.

Friends,I am going to share two experimental stories with you to illustrate the consequences of fear.

A little elephant was caught and tied with a steel chain. The elephant tried to free itself but does not have the strength to do it. It has hurt its legs while trying to free itself and so it stopped trying. It lived as a slave to the chain. The elephant has grown up and now it has the strength to snap out of the chain but it has stopped trying so it is tied forever.

In the same way,an experiment was conducted by a research team.A fish was kept in a fish tank which was half filled with water.The fish was swimming within the water level.Whenever it reaches the top,it cannot breathe further and it went below the half water level.The research team filled to the full level in the fish tank.To their surprise,the fish never tried to rise above the half water level.Not even once it tried to rise above the half water level.

Same way we are tied by our beliefs and preoccupations so we are not aware of our potential like the elephant and fish.Fear is nothing but a self imposed belief which we have to try to get rid and not to stop trying after the first attempt.

So friends,let us change our belief and know our full potential and raise in our life and be successful and not be stopped by harmful self restrictive thoughts which hampers our full potential.