Snatch Movie Review


Snatch is not a classic or a block buster movie.But still it is considered as one of the best gangster franchise movies.This movie is directed by Guy Ritchie.Guy Richie is known for his non linear movie editing style as the scenes will not be a sequence but it will be shifting back and forth.This movie is part of his franchise gangster movie called as Rock n rolla,lock stock and barrels.What I Liked in this movie is its narrative style and his engaging dialogues like in martin Scorsese movie.This movie has lot of thumping scenes where we rouse to clap our hands due to its dialogue.Inspite of having complex characterization and scenes in the movie,audience is not confused and they ought to enjoy this movie.Obviously the movie is gross in few scenes one reason being a gangster subject and another one being a gangster movie.I am sure that gangster movie fans will like and love this movie and I would recommend this movie for them.



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