Can u wake early in the morning-A Self help note


Waking up early is an impossible art for most of us.There are 2 kinds of people,one are morning people who are gifted  and the other are people like us who are night people.We are able to do our work and be woke till late but we wont be able to wake up in the early morning.It is not bad ,for creative people the calmness of the night without any disturbance encourage them to silently work on their creativity in the night.For example,AR Rahman works in the night only on his music composing.But what most of us do is due to the advent of addictive technologies like TV channels,Internet,Facebook,Whatsapp,we end up in watching and wasting our time and sleep late night which in turn spoils of our health and cripples our effort to wake up in the morning.

How to wake up in the morning,an alarm in the morning- will it work.I feel no absolutely not.What I feel,first we have to internally tell our mind and tune it to the benefits of early morning wakeup.Always anything external we try to do will not work but what we do internally with our minds will power will work.The most surprising thing is the power of our sub conscious mind.From my own experience which is thought from my Dad.If I speak to my mind to wake up at a particular time like 6,7 or 8 o clock,I am surprised to be woken up at that particular  time or atleast my eyes get opened at that particular time and I again go back to sleep(ha ha ha..).

Other methods can be like engaging in a compulsory exercise regimen  like yoga or gym class or jogging in the park in the morning will make you wake up at that particular time.The compulsion of these exercise regimen will push us to wake up in the morning.There is a joke that Gyms offer high discount for the first 3 or 4 months for the only reason that any way people will lose their resolution and will not continue after the first month.

The single step everyone need to take waking up early is nothing other than self motivation.Most of us get defeated because we rely only on external factors like gym etc…which fails due to lack of self motivation.Sometimes during travel in the night,I am surprised to see people jogging at night 4 o clock which can happen only by their motivation.

Start Visualizing much by imagining yourself waking up early,doing meditation,exercise,doing creative thing and having a happy & harmonious life.This will automatically enhance our motivation to wake up early.I recommend read the book of “The monk who sold his Ferrari” in which a set of morning ritual is explained  which helps to lead a happy and successful life.

So friends,thanks and All the best for a hale and healthy life.


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