Premam Movie-Not Great as expected

I heard lot of great stories about the Premam movie by Director Alphonse putran.

It is just a recopy of Autograph movie and it was a super duper hit in Malayalam.

I have already watched the movie Neram which has the same combination of Director Alphonse putran and Hero as Nivin pauly.

Neram was a hit but the movie was short than the usual movie length.It was just like a short film which is made long as it had the usual different characteristics of cinematography,music and making was completely interesting.

When I watched Premam movie I did not find it as great as what reviews said and people told me.

The music was superhb

The cinematography was colourful with fantastic closeup and zooming camera movement

New introduction of sai pallavi and her acting which is new to the audience is a plus to the movie.
Nivin paul’s performance is good

The making of each and every scene is quite different from the usual movie making style
and a lot of inspiration has been taken from the Cheran’s autography movie.Few scenes like why they are hitting people and openly so many guys coming & going for flirting with girls is bit irritating.Even the closeups and colourfullness in cinematography after some point of time looks like a overdose.

Thus I found the answer why this movie has not won filmfare awards.


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