RAEES MOVIE REVIES-Starring Shah Rukh khan

One thing that comes to mind about the movie is the full action with bloody violence from start to end of the movie.

Compared to all other SRK movies,this was bit over the above and I would say there is a shade of grey beyond acceptable levels of SRK fans.

This movie is about of glorification of gangster.As already SRK has acted in many Anti characters and this movie is not new for his anti character.This one I can say was opposite side of the spectrum when compared to Don.There was style in Don but Raees was completely local.

This is about the story of a bootlegger in prohibition declared Gujarat.The challenge he faces from his enemies & the police officer and how he supports his people inspite of many challenges makes the story.Whether hero overcomes or loses to his enemies makes the rest of the story.

I must say that the emotional scenes between SRK and Heroine has given good acting scope for the heroine and she has used it to her best.

SRK wants to get out of stereo typic Raj character and want to try out different roles but this one I would say was risky and has a bit of controversy also.

For tamil actor Ajith,there is one movie Billa 2 which was a mistakeful choice when his movies are going good & RAEES is such kind of mistake for SRK except that SRK will sail with Good collection wherein Ajith failed at Box office.


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