One flew over cuckoo nest

I always say this

Words inspired old movies

Visual inspired new movies.

It means books,novel,short stories inspired the imagination of older movies.

But new movies are inspired from the visuals of older movie.

One flew over cuckoo nest is one such movie which is inspired from words.It was based upon a novel which was made into a play.The plays always have intense dialogues & many shocking moments.

This movie is based on the play again and the intensity of the play has transpired in the movie too.This movie is one of the greatest movies of all time and it must be watched for its intense story & portrayal of what happens in a mental asylum which is a universal story and often we see the same kind of story in newspapers.

Added to the Hero “Jack Nicholson”strong acting, almost all the actors in the movie has portrayed their character upto the detail without any flaws

The movie is about the hero landing himself to a mental asylum run by a strict & tough nurse.Rebelling patients were put to order.The hero changes the patients attitude from fear to confiedence which is not taken well by the hospital Incharge.The hero along with inmates tries to escape.Whether he is able to escape or nor makes the rest of the story.

This movie has fetched many Oscar awards.As the title of the movie tells the whole movie happens in a mental asylum which can be called as a nest.So for me the movie was like watching a play in different parts of the room & few outdoor scenes.I am sure that hollywood movie fans will sync with me that lot of in Jail kind of movies inspired with the same scenes as in Önce flew over cuckoo nest”has come in the past decades,thats why I say Words inspired old movies,Visual inspired new movies.


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