Baadshah-Rajini movie now digitally restored

As such I am not a great fan of Rajini as I always say this that I am proud to be a fan of the living legend Kamal hassa

There is this one movie of Rajini which is a landmark movie which changed him from Superstar to Megastar.
As such the story is a known Godfather kind of story but still the scenes somehow where awesome and it went beyond
inspiring only Rajini fans & giving goosebumps to general Audience also.

The scenes were inside a glass room where Rajini tells about his old story is a landmark scene and still lingers in the minds of all the audience.The movie dialogues were perfectly tailor made for Rajini where all the credit must go to the director Suresh Krishna.Inspite of being Assistant to K.Balachander who is known for making family oriented movie,I am facinated by the fact that Suresh Krishna has made this great action movie with Rajini.

The flashback scenes of how Rajini becomes a Don from Nobody and his confrontation with Mark Antony portrayed by the Greatest tamil villain of all Time-Raghvaran makes the movie captive & Engaging.The songs and the background music are more important and they have to match for the weight of the movie story and the star power of the hero.

All in all ,its a legendary movie and recently I heard that this movie digitised and rereleased now.Hope I would get a chance to watch the digitised version of the movie on the big screen.One problem with digitisation is the movie becomes jumpy as I watched the digitised version of the Sivaji movie Karnam.Hope Baadshah is not made in a jumpy way and gives a chance for the audience a decent watch of this super movie


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