PMP-Project Mismanagement Professional

My topic is about a different PMP which came to my mind-Project mismanagement professionals. I have worked for few months in a construction site of a large project. On a daily basis, I have witnessed people dealing issues in an emotional way and not in an intellectual and structured way as mentioned in the original PMP. Kind and Gentleness ends up at the Project office. Once we are at the construction site, it is always chaos & fighting. There is always a master/slave relationship between client and vendor. The client comes to the meeting with his ears shut and in a threatening mood. Vendor comes with a bag of excuses, lot of delaying tactics and passes the buck to other departments. Both the client and vendor lose their temper and get disturbed emotionally and physically and end up in losing their health with BP & hypertension.

There needs to be a cohesive environment as per the above conversation exists, people will not have undue tension.The client and the vendor should have a collaborative relationship.I would like to conclude that for larger projects,steps need to be taken to implement that PMP kind of standard must not stop with project office alone.It must properly transcend to the site where the real action takes place.If implemented,it will greatly improve the productivity and also the quality of the life of people working at the construction sites.So people can avoid being Project Mismanagement Professionals and become Good Project management professionals.




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