The 7 stages of Life from the poem”All the world is a stage”

Today my topic is about a poem called “All the world is a stage”.I am not a great reader of Poems.This poem was written in 16th century by William shakespeare but it is truthful till today. I recollect this poem often during different phases of my life. So I thought I would share it with you today.It is truthful till today.I would like to make it interesting by adding my personal experiences & my version to the poem.

The poet describes this world is a stage and we are all actors in this stage. Each of us have their exits and entrances and each of us have seven roles or parts to play in this stage.

Infant is the first stage. In this stage we cannot stand on our own and we need the support of nurse,mom or dad.A baby moves from one milestone to another milestone like sitting up,crawling,walking.The senses develops one after another like cry,smile,smell,awe,grip objects.I would call this as the age of innocence.There is no ego,no vengeance and the baby’s love is the purest form of love in this world.This stage is to be noted as this stage repeats again in one another part of the life of a man.

Whining school boy is the second stage.A School boy always has a bright face but he is always unwilling to do one thing that is ‘going to school’.First time when I read this poem my question was from that century to till date no kid like to go to school and prays to weather god for heavy rain or fever for a leave in school.he always complains about homeworks,exams teacher and that is why he is called as a whining school boy.He has the fear of homeworks,exams, beating from teachers and some mischief in this part of life.lot of play,lot of questions and lot of studies makes part of this stage.

Lover:This phase is a teenage phase. This is a directionless age. This is the age where he has crush on everything .He is always sad in melancholy of being a failure in love. What I think is one way or the other way everybody has a puppy love in this stage and if some body says he is not,then he is lying or he should be a nerd or bookworm.

Soldier:This my favouritepart of all ages.This is a part where we rebel at everybody Whether it is parent,teacher,bosses. He is straightforward, talks about ethics,honour,justice and he is hot blooded. Some people call it as angry young man attitude,madness of youth .I say  youth is also about idealism and standing for principles. He can be  called as a rebel without a case. I call this as my favourite because the rebel stage gave an air of freedom. Freedom from any compromises, do what we think is right and fight till the end.

Justice:he has lot of wise experience which he preaches to whomsoever he meet and earns respect by his sage advices or gyan.This is the time where he is patient ,enjoy the finest details in life. He becomes less intense does not loose temper.

Sixth stage: This is the age where he get to know that he is not a superman and he is a normal man.His body takes over his other virtues .Legs become lean.Male voice becomes into trebles and whistles.

Last & final stage:In this stage, a man  loses his senses one by on ear ,nose,.memory taste.Now he becomes again a child to be under the care of somebody .It is called as the second childhood.But in modern world this does not exist. All politicians ,cine actors are above 70 and working nonstop till 90.

Before I would conclude ,there is an interesting movie called as curious case of Benjamin button in which the hero was born as a old man and goes through the seven stage of life in a backward direction. This is  seven stages of shakespeare in reverse direction.The moral of the movie is “Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards.”.

For example, steve jobs was sacked & shunned out from apple for doing some market against thing before his age of 30 but when he returned back to apple he had the maturity.the meaning is when he looked back he is sacked so he become sensible.Like this we can introspect the stages we have crossed to find the meaning but live forward without any regret or guilts.


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