Rosebud-Compare a movie with Toastmasters Speech

An Old newspaper baron in his palace in America utters the word “Rosebud” and dies in his death bed in the movie Citizen Kane.The news paper publishers are puzzled with the word “Rosebud” and a group of reporters proceed to investigate the reason for the Citizen Kane to utter the word in his death bed.

The movie Citizen Kane released in the year 1941 is considered to be the best movie  and it’s the topped as 1st in the American film institute’s top 100 fillms of all time.It was scripted and directed by Orson Wells.Like in toastmaster where there is a more emphasis on a structure for a opening,body,conclusion for the success of a speech.Any movie has the opening,body and climax for its success and I have chosen Citizen kane.A structure fails,a movie or a speech fails miserably.

So the opening of the movie was strong with a suspense about the word “Rosebud”. The movie travels with reporters trying to investigate the meaning of the word and the audience were also engaged through the movie with this opening suspense.

When a toastmaster gives a speech with strong opening with a story,quote,question,anecdote ,it makes the audience to bend forward to hear the speech as it has set the tone for suspense or something interesting.

Again,back to the movies,There are 3-4 segments in the movie.In the first segment,it shows the child hood of Citizne kane where he was in poverty but playing happily with a snowskate.His family gets a fortune and he was sent to a different place with a guardian for his education.

In the second segment ,he becomes a successful newspaper publishers with fighting for public  interests.He was very strong in his ideals intitially but later due  his ego and a dominating self interest,he loses the control of the newspaper.

In the third segment,due to his ego he loses trust of his best friend.He forces a compelling love on everybody and even with his wife also.His forces his wife into  singing career which she is not interested.Finally,his wife leaves him alone in his palace.And at the end,Citizen kane dies by uttering the word “Rosebud”

Like in the above movie script,in toastmaster,there is an emphasis to have 3-4 points or examples to support our title.The transition between each example must fade in/fade out like in a movie smoothly.When the examples are portrayed with body language,vocal variety as in the CC manual ,it makes the audience to stick to the speech instead of losing the interest since there is no strong & no lively examples.The speech becomes lifeless if the speech does not have strong and interesting points as a Body of the speech.

Like as mentioned in CC manual of toastmaster,The conclusion or the climax of the speech shoud end perfectly for a call for action,a resolution or an answer to the suspense.Climax fails,movie fails.Conclusion fails,the speech fails.Once through the movie,audience conclude with a immediate reaction of a great movie or a boring movie.In the same way,once our speech is over,the audience conclude immediately as a boring or a great speech.

Oh ya!!!still I did not say what  is rosebud.Yes it was an emotional ending to the movie.Rosebud is the name of the snowskate which citizen kane played during his happiest times as a kid inspite of poverty.He yearns for that happiest moment in his old age as he is now left alone and unhappy.

This movie is very much interesting visually and not as sad as in my article.Do watch this movie and it is a highly entertaining black and white movie with its mind blowing sets,lighting,dialogues and different kinds of story flow and editing.Also Never,ever,ever,ever forgot the structure of opening,body & Conclusion in a speech as in the CC manual of a toastmaster.


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