PMP-Project Mismanagement Professional

My topic is about a different PMP which came to my mind-Project mismanagement professionals. I have worked for few months in a construction site of a large project. On a daily basis, I have witnessed people dealing issues in an emotional way and not in an intellectual and structured way as mentioned in the original PMP. Kind and Gentleness ends up at the Project office. Once we are at the construction site, it is always chaos & fighting. There is always a master/slave relationship between client and vendor. The client comes to the meeting with his ears shut and in a threatening mood. Vendor comes with a bag of excuses, lot of delaying tactics and passes the buck to other departments. Both the client and vendor lose their temper and get disturbed emotionally and physically and end up in losing their health with BP & hypertension.

There needs to be a cohesive environment as per the above conversation exists, people will not have undue tension.The client and the vendor should have a collaborative relationship.I would like to conclude that for larger projects,steps need to be taken to implement that PMP kind of standard must not stop with project office alone.It must properly transcend to the site where the real action takes place.If implemented,it will greatly improve the productivity and also the quality of the life of people working at the construction sites.So people can avoid being Project Mismanagement Professionals and become Good Project management professionals.




The 7 stages of Life from the poem”All the world is a stage”

Today my topic is about a poem called “All the world is a stage”.I am not a great reader of Poems.This poem was written in 16th century by William shakespeare but it is truthful till today. I recollect this poem often during different phases of my life. So I thought I would share it with you today.It is truthful till today.I would like to make it interesting by adding my personal experiences & my version to the poem.

The poet describes this world is a stage and we are all actors in this stage. Each of us have their exits and entrances and each of us have seven roles or parts to play in this stage.

Infant is the first stage. In this stage we cannot stand on our own and we need the support of nurse,mom or dad.A baby moves from one milestone to another milestone like sitting up,crawling,walking.The senses develops one after another like cry,smile,smell,awe,grip objects.I would call this as the age of innocence.There is no ego,no vengeance and the baby’s love is the purest form of love in this world.This stage is to be noted as this stage repeats again in one another part of the life of a man.

Whining school boy is the second stage.A School boy always has a bright face but he is always unwilling to do one thing that is ‘going to school’.First time when I read this poem my question was from that century to till date no kid like to go to school and prays to weather god for heavy rain or fever for a leave in school.he always complains about homeworks,exams teacher and that is why he is called as a whining school boy.He has the fear of homeworks,exams, beating from teachers and some mischief in this part of life.lot of play,lot of questions and lot of studies makes part of this stage.

Lover:This phase is a teenage phase. This is a directionless age. This is the age where he has crush on everything .He is always sad in melancholy of being a failure in love. What I think is one way or the other way everybody has a puppy love in this stage and if some body says he is not,then he is lying or he should be a nerd or bookworm.

Soldier:This my favouritepart of all ages.This is a part where we rebel at everybody Whether it is parent,teacher,bosses. He is straightforward, talks about ethics,honour,justice and he is hot blooded. Some people call it as angry young man attitude,madness of youth .I say  youth is also about idealism and standing for principles. He can be  called as a rebel without a case. I call this as my favourite because the rebel stage gave an air of freedom. Freedom from any compromises, do what we think is right and fight till the end.

Justice:he has lot of wise experience which he preaches to whomsoever he meet and earns respect by his sage advices or gyan.This is the time where he is patient ,enjoy the finest details in life. He becomes less intense does not loose temper.

Sixth stage: This is the age where he get to know that he is not a superman and he is a normal man.His body takes over his other virtues .Legs become lean.Male voice becomes into trebles and whistles.

Last & final stage:In this stage, a man  loses his senses one by on ear ,nose,.memory taste.Now he becomes again a child to be under the care of somebody .It is called as the second childhood.But in modern world this does not exist. All politicians ,cine actors are above 70 and working nonstop till 90.

Before I would conclude ,there is an interesting movie called as curious case of Benjamin button in which the hero was born as a old man and goes through the seven stage of life in a backward direction. This is  seven stages of shakespeare in reverse direction.The moral of the movie is “Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards.”.

For example, steve jobs was sacked & shunned out from apple for doing some market against thing before his age of 30 but when he returned back to apple he had the maturity.the meaning is when he looked back he is sacked so he become sensible.Like this we can introspect the stages we have crossed to find the meaning but live forward without any regret or guilts.

Congrats Leichester Team!!!!

I know football but don’t follow like the crazy fans in the world…when ppl say man united,chelsea…i hear it crazy n not understand a word…but when I opened newspaper today it is full of news about how an underdog footbal club team Leichester city(Fox) won the league in a winning chance of 5000:1.Its impressed n a wonderful story of how player,manager,owner made won the cup against all odds. The stories about how a Malaysian billionare bought the not well doing club. How he given the job to an able coach and how the coach made it to a winning team is awesome and inspirational.Congrats Leichester City team for the win….from a non-fan

Rosebud-Compare a movie with Toastmasters Speech

An Old newspaper baron in his palace in America utters the word “Rosebud” and dies in his death bed in the movie Citizen Kane.The news paper publishers are puzzled with the word “Rosebud” and a group of reporters proceed to investigate the reason for the Citizen Kane to utter the word in his death bed.

The movie Citizen Kane released in the year 1941 is considered to be the best movie  and it’s the topped as 1st in the American film institute’s top 100 fillms of all time.It was scripted and directed by Orson Wells.Like in toastmaster where there is a more emphasis on a structure for a opening,body,conclusion for the success of a speech.Any movie has the opening,body and climax for its success and I have chosen Citizen kane.A structure fails,a movie or a speech fails miserably.

So the opening of the movie was strong with a suspense about the word “Rosebud”. The movie travels with reporters trying to investigate the meaning of the word and the audience were also engaged through the movie with this opening suspense.

When a toastmaster gives a speech with strong opening with a story,quote,question,anecdote ,it makes the audience to bend forward to hear the speech as it has set the tone for suspense or something interesting.

Again,back to the movies,There are 3-4 segments in the movie.In the first segment,it shows the child hood of Citizne kane where he was in poverty but playing happily with a snowskate.His family gets a fortune and he was sent to a different place with a guardian for his education.

In the second segment ,he becomes a successful newspaper publishers with fighting for public  interests.He was very strong in his ideals intitially but later due  his ego and a dominating self interest,he loses the control of the newspaper.

In the third segment,due to his ego he loses trust of his best friend.He forces a compelling love on everybody and even with his wife also.His forces his wife into  singing career which she is not interested.Finally,his wife leaves him alone in his palace.And at the end,Citizen kane dies by uttering the word “Rosebud”

Like in the above movie script,in toastmaster,there is an emphasis to have 3-4 points or examples to support our title.The transition between each example must fade in/fade out like in a movie smoothly.When the examples are portrayed with body language,vocal variety as in the CC manual ,it makes the audience to stick to the speech instead of losing the interest since there is no strong & no lively examples.The speech becomes lifeless if the speech does not have strong and interesting points as a Body of the speech.

Like as mentioned in CC manual of toastmaster,The conclusion or the climax of the speech shoud end perfectly for a call for action,a resolution or an answer to the suspense.Climax fails,movie fails.Conclusion fails,the speech fails.Once through the movie,audience conclude with a immediate reaction of a great movie or a boring movie.In the same way,once our speech is over,the audience conclude immediately as a boring or a great speech.

Oh ya!!!still I did not say what  is rosebud.Yes it was an emotional ending to the movie.Rosebud is the name of the snowskate which citizen kane played during his happiest times as a kid inspite of poverty.He yearns for that happiest moment in his old age as he is now left alone and unhappy.

This movie is very much interesting visually and not as sad as in my article.Do watch this movie and it is a highly entertaining black and white movie with its mind blowing sets,lighting,dialogues and different kinds of story flow and editing.Also Never,ever,ever,ever forgot the structure of opening,body & Conclusion in a speech as in the CC manual of a toastmaster.

Benefits of Blogging!!!!



In the year 2004, an IIT engineer working in USA became restless with his job & routine life. He came back to India and started a blog in which he wrote articles about tech gadgets, computer software, tips & tutorials. Now his blog is getting around 45 lakh visitors per month and unofficially he is making a profit of 10 lakh per month from his blog. His name is Anil Agarwal and his blog is

Good morning fellow toastmasters today my speech is to inform you on the benefits of blogging.

First of all let us understand about blogging. A blog is a short form for web log. Usually we have a personal diary or a journal in which we write casually about our life events, interests & hobbies. Similarly a blog is a website in which we log our interests in the form of articles. The advantage of blog is we write and it gets instantly published. There is no need of learning html codes which is involved in creating a website. Anyone having an idea to use emails can easily create a blog using blogging websites like blogger, word press, and live journal.

A blog is usually written on niche or specific topics of interest like tech gadgets, cooking, travel, politics, fashion, movies.

Blogging can be considered to be a great place to show off our skill and also an outlet to pour out our inner thoughts. We are good in some sort of skill that can be written as articles in our blog which inturn helps the readers. For example a fashion designer can post tips on latest fashion trends & dressing tips. That information would be very useful to readers.

A Blog creates community, Readers actively provide feedback to the posted articles and the conversation among the community created by your blog builds on its own. For example a South Indian food blog is created by a 45 year old lady kamala called as In her blog,she has shared many of her known South Indian food recipes with photographs. Her recipes are very useful to the community. Readers try at their home and give feedback. The community thus thrives like our Toastmasters community.

Blog is casual, democratic and independent. To get our writing published in any print media like newspapers and magazines, it is very difficult. But a blog is easy to create and we have the freedom to write in a way as we wish in our own language. The writing from us is easily published for the world to see and unlike the usual print media where there is an editor to scrutinize, accept or reject, edit or restrict our article details.Personal story


Blogs can be monetised and make us money. If the blog gets good following and readership, ads are placed near your articles. As more people see the ads, more money is paid to the blogger. Google adsense and Chithika are the few ad programs which help bloggers in making money. But it takes a year at least for a blogger to see a good amount of money through their blogs.

 Blog is flexible and it’s not monotonous. Some people are good in words and in writing articles so they can use blogger & word press services. But many other people are good with their creative side of expressing themselves like photographs, graphic design and videos. So Photo blogs like tumblr can be used to blog photos. Youtube and vimeo are some websites to blog through videos.


Blog need not be from a single author and they can have multiple authors and thus enhance the team spirit. They are called collaborative blogs. Political blog Huffington post is a multiple author blog and it is now ranked best among the blogs and has highest traffic of readers. Engadget, Gizmodo, and techcrunch are some gadget related blogs with multiple authors.

I would like to conclude by saying that we can enjoy the benefits of blogging only by blogging. We all can blog as most of us spend our time in social networks with comments about our interests. I comment about movies. Likewise, taking our comments as an idea & spending some more time in expanding those comments into 300-400 word articles, we can easily blog and enjoy its benefits.